Honeybee on Borage Greetings Card


Honeybee on Borage Greetings Card

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"Borage is a bee magnet. Plant it and they will come. Ridiculously easy to grow from seed - I simply scatter it on some bare earth, give it a little water and in a few weeks it's as tall as my shoulder, covered in blue starry flowers and humming with bees and hoverflies. And it's edible too - the flowers taste a bit like cucumber and are lovely sprinkled over a salad. I can never bring myself to pick them though - I'd rather leave them for the bees!"

Size: 7"x5"

Blank inside, complete with envelope and protected in a cellophane sleeve

Printed in the UK

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Manufactured in the UK by an incredibly friendly and helpful printing company based in the north of England, with an excellent environmental policy and record, Emma's Garden cards are printed on 100% Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) woodpulps, sourced from fully sustainable, carefully managed and renewed forests where at least two trees are planted for every one felled. 

All cards come with an envelope and are sealed in a protective cellophane sleeve,  and being a standard size, they are even suitable for framing!