The swallows are back!

We were delighted and super excited to discover a pair of swallows nesting under the eaves of our shed early last summer. Four eggs hatched, but sadly none of the chicks survived to adulthood, as they were pulled from the nest by a rival pair of adults.

However, good news! A pair of swallows has returned to the nest, and have 5 eggs that the female is now brooding. You can see a live stream of the nest here, with regular highlights and updates on the development of the nest.

The eggs themselves are beautiful - I think they look a bit like tiny guillemot eggs! The egg cup is lined with soft downy white feathers that the adults 'foraged' for when they were refurbishing the nest a few weeks ago. These feathers help to keep the eggs warm when the female is away from the nest feeding. They should hatch in about two weeks time - egg-citing!!